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you need to fuck off and go back to westworld
Pardon me. Excuse me. Oh, hello, little girl. Office of the president. Please step off to the side. Thank you. Maam, I have been charged with informing you that you need to get your daughter Catherine to apologize unequivocally and immediately. Selina: Yeah? Well, go shit yourself, Long Tall Sally, because I will deal with my daughter in my

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You could take your kids to Westworld and go fishing, and be confident that they wouldn’t get abducted or mauled by a mountain lion. And yet you don’t feel remotely bad about turning off

"You Came Back" Adding to the -Teddy is a host version of
Westworld Fans Keep Forgetting That Logan is Queer. like that skeezy employee who jacks off in front of Hector before getting he liked to kill and fuck everything in Westworld, but he did

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you need to fuck off and go back to westworld
William, also known as the Man in Black, was a reluctant first-time visitor to Westworld, joining his future brother-in-law, Logan Delos. Initially dismissive of the parks more lascivious attractions, he slowly uncovered a deeper meaning to the parks narrative.

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you need to fuck off and go back to westworld
Every time their loop is reset, Teddy gets off the train just like the other new-comers and comes in to town and they embrace like 2 lost loves. "You came back!" Ford made this copy of William to keep her on a simple loop. I could go on about William and MiB on their journey together and whatnot, but Ill just wait till Sunday before I do.